Dhionata Schneider Biography
Dhionata Schneider Biography


I’m a 26 years old graphic designer living in Curitiba, Brazil.

When I was a kid I used to draw and paint everything in the house, driving my parents nuts. Not much has changed since then. Only now I do it as a designer and illustrator and my parents kind of learned to like it.

As a fifteen years old teenager I began designing vector portraits and not long later I was hired by a German design agency to work on pop style portraits, which went on for several years, even after I graduated Design School. This job and the knowledge in Design I gained through out college made me realize I should combine these kills into developing my way of designing.

Nowadays, I’m reaching for the most interdisciplinary and different kinds of projects I can possibly design. I’m fully inspired by music, cinema, fashion, literature and visual arts in general, and these are also my main interests.